Danger Happens Here.

Adventure Girl

Today I got this weird promotional email from a guy who is pretty darn great at making money on the internet, but his email was quite odd. He cited the sensational story of John Green as an example of how you should sell things online. 

Here is the quote that gives you the gist of what this guy thinks of John Green:

"What was the secret?

John Green built an audience. And then he sold his book to that audience.”

Then the email goes on to tell you how John Green essentially had some mastermind plan to dupe people into buying his books and how if you want to sell things online you should gather this net of people and then convince them they need your product to continue existing. 

Has this guy ever watched a Vlogbrothers videos? There was no secret, mastermind plan to create Vlogbrothers to sell things to people. I hate this idea that most marketers have that humans are just something you sell to and the more you get them to spend their money the better! 

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